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  • This post is deleted!

  • Here are where the controls are stored.

    Input.ini and in your project configs
    The DefaultActionBinds in ControlsSettingsDetails located at /Game/Cardinal/MainMenu/Blueprints/UI/SettingsPanels/ControlsSettingsDetails
    DefaultAxisBinds located in RAMA-AxisControls at /Game/Cardinal/MainMenu/Blueprints/UI/SettingsPanels/RAMA-AxisControls

    The order matters to the engine. It should be alphabetical. To my knowledge, nobody has come up with a better method without programming one or using a form of real time binds on every tick such as Mathew Wadstein's BindableKeys system. (Bypassing UE4's method basically)

  • Sorry I couldn't be much more help. I'm out of town for the US holiday weekend. I will be back on Monday and take a look at the input system and see if I find any issues. I need to make the new release for 4.17 as well. Hopefully the plugins have no problems with the new engine. That is why we wait a bit for new releases.

  • I'm going to make the instructions more reader friendly next week as well. The forum software's plugin for "spoilers" is no longer working. I was hiding the instructions with dynamic buttons that hide the different instructions settings to make it more readable.

  • A few of the plugins are not working for 4.17 yet. It will be a bit before the 4.17 version is released.

  • The menu system for Unreal Engine 4.17 has been released. It includes an in game return to game button and a debug print to screen fix.

  • when i test the project with not run steam , it cant find hostgame list , LAN not work. do you have this issue ?

  • have somebody test project with LAN ?

  • All of my previous test have worked. I will test it right now.

    Edit: Strange, it doesn't appear to be working on Ethernet to WiFi LANs on my network. (Could be related to how my network is set up) I'll check Ethernet to Ethernet. I'm looking into it. I've experienced some cases where certain types of network setups didn't show LAN games or took a long time for them to appear.

    I'm looking into Advanced Sessions Plugin and the BP nodes. I'll hopefully have fix tomorrow. Very little has changed in 4.15-4.17 versions.

    Edit 2: It works in editor. Looking into network related things.

    Edit 3: Standalone works as well. Hmm, looking into possible packaged version configuration file problems.

    Edit 4: Packaged LAN search and join works on the same PC when launching two instances. Going to try ethernet via switch LAN on two PCs.

    Edit 5: It works on LAN network via wired on a local switch. It did not work on WiFi via WiFi Access Point to a wired client. I don't know why. It must have something to do with how Epic designed the sessions broadcasting over the network. My guess is that there's a broadcast packet that's being blocked by my access point.

    Did you try LAN over wired networks? Or did you use WiFi?

  • The menu system for Unreal Engine 4.18 has been released.


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