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  • When upgrading to 4.24:

    It looks like the CallURL function in VaRest has been removed. I noticed the dev said it was causing memory corruptions in Android. It's possible that's why it was removed. Someone requested it put back in the project here.

    You can download that person's fork of the VaRest plugin as of the date on this post here.

    The CallURL node is required for fetching the client's IP from in the HostGame widget.

    I'm testing it now.

    Edit: It appears to work with that fork of VaRest. Did that fix your issue? Or are you still seeing a black screen? I've seen that happen with incorrect GameMode settings.

  • Any progress?

  • I have not tried since I am quite satisfied with reviewing the BP. It would be great to have the menu system compatible with the latest UE along with perhaps not using the 'buggy' plugins so that it could be a 'standard template' to be utilized by developers where one can then add/delete/modify functionalities?

  • Any news here. Would be nice to see it again with used new UE4 version.