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I have a problem to find where i can change name of the playgamepanel and delete the split screen button from the menu.
can someone help me to delete this button? i only disable the window its open and change what it opens when you click on it

Open the PlayGameSubMenu widget located here:

To change the names of the buttons:
Open the Designer tab on the Widget and then navigate to SettingsButtonsLine in the Hierarchy.
In the Details tab and in the Default section and then under ButtonsNames you will see an array of the names.
Change these names to change the button names.

To change the functions of the buttons:
Open the Graph tab in the widget.
Open the function called OpenDetailsContainer.
There you will see a SwitchonInt that controls each button in order from 0 to 4. This is where the button's actions are performed in order of their name listed in the array. (Like OpenMap and so on)

To remove the Local Split Screen Button:
Remove the button name in the array (Array item 1)
Then move the pins from switch on int to adjust for the order change. (So 2 now goes to 1, 3 to 2, and 4 to 3)