said in Community Project | Cardinal Menu System Instructions, Help, and Discussion: I can't seem to open the file, i generate visual studio file before opening it but it still says to generate the file. Im currently trying it with 4.19.2 I'll check if it's a problem with 4.19.2, currently I'm still using 4.19.0 because I build from source. You can try downloading the new version of advanced sessions plugin. It looks like mordentral released a 4.19.2 version. Here's the link: Edit: I was just able to open the project freshly cloned from the repository using 4.19.2's launcher edition on Visual Studio 2015. I'll try the compressed download copy next. Edit2: I'm getting strange problems with the downloaded project and 4.19.2 as well. I'm not sure what the problem is yet. I'll get back to you. Edit3: Turns out I have an issue with Windows Search Service and Win10's built in explorer's unzip program. It didn't decompress all the files. The downloaded version of the project compiled on 4.19.2 with VS2015 without issues. I'm not sure what your problem is. Are you using Visual Studio 2017? I've had problems with it in the past.