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Hi, I logged in to your site, both with Chrome and Firefox, but if I click on the spoiler image, it will not show me anything. Both Chrome and Firefox are updated.
Alex Caponetto

Buongiorno, ho eseguito l'accesso al vostro sito, sia con Chrome che Firefox, ma se clicco sull'immagine degli spoiler, non mi visualizza niente. Sia Chrome che Firefox sono aggiornati.

Sorry, we are having issues with php on our host. I've been working to resolve them. I hope to have it resolved soon.

Edit: The main website at is experiencing random 500 errors due to php problems. I was incorrect saying that the php problems were related to the forums at They are hosted on different servers.

To solve your issue, I disabled the spoilers. I thought I had fixed the issue as I no longer see that problem on my end on Chrome or Firefox but apparently it is not resolved.

Thanks for reporting it.