@playstationkings So your hosted server shows up on the list of servers but when a client clicks to connect to the server it fails to connect? Off the top of my head it's likely one of two problems: BP_GameInstance isn't set as the default Game Instance Class in Project Settings - Maps & Modes (Located at: Blueprint'/Game/Cardinal/MainMenu/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance.BP_GameInstance') Or a firewall is blocking connection to the host. You're using two different steam accounts to test a client joining the host, right? To help troubleshooting, I'd take a look at the project settings in an unmodified version of the project. I've forgotten to set some of them before. I've also seen the values randomly change too and I'm not sure why. If you're running the game in editor and not a packaged / built copy of the game, make sure you're playing as "Standalone Game" and not "Play In Editor." Also, as a side note: In WidgetBlueprint'/Game/Cardinal/MainMenu/Blueprints/UI/PlayGamePanels/HostGame.HostGame' is where the Steam session properties are set. The server browser looks for those properties when making the list of hosted games. That's where you can modify those settings. Maybe that helps? There's a lot of blueprints going on in this project. It might take a while to get a good idea of what all is going on but it should still be a lot easier than building your own from the ground up. Let me know if you figure out what was wrong. If you find a problem in the unmodified version of the project, let me know and I'll be able to better look into it. Goodluck