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Here is the game menu from our game, Cardinal Fall, for use by the community.
This project packages a combination of other community projects to create a single, easy to implement menu system.
We will do our best to update the project with new engine releases.


This Menu System is free to use under The MIT License. https://mit-license.org
3rd Party Assets are discussed in the credits section below.
More up to date information is available in the Readme.


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Features: Server Browser (With Steam and LAN support) Client Internet and LAN Hosting Menu Steam Friends List With Avatars Pervasive Graphics Settings Player Control Mapping Controller Support Game Settings Credits Page Download:

Metahusk Downloads: Cardinal Menu


Metahusk Repositories: Cardinal Menu


Project Credits:
Metahusk, mordentral, rama, Thaddeus Delude (parvan), The Tune Peddler, ZioYuri78, Nick Darnell

Cardinal Menu:
This project was put together by Metahusk using a collection of community content. Please credit everyone listed here and provide a link to our websites.

Project Blueprints:
This project’s blueprint files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. CC BY 4.0
Please provide credit where credit is due. You must credit the following people listed below. You can find this information in the project’s readme.

Main Menu by ZioYuri78:
The basic menu framework is an adaptation of ZioYuri78’s ‘Main menu and in game menu with basic game, graphics, controls and audio settings.’

Online Browser by mordentral:
The online browser utilizes mordentral’s Advanced Sessions Plugin.

Rebindable Keys by rama:
The key binding system utilizes Rama’s UMG Rebindable Key System, Rebind keys at Runtime.

Background Music by The Tune Peddler:
The music used in this project is owned by The Tune Peddler. You do not have permission to use the project’s music without agreeing to the terms at The Tune Peddler’s website. As of July 2016, this includes a $5 a month subscription fee.

LoadingScreen plugin by Nick Darnell:
The LoadingScreen plugin was provided by Nick Darnell and was released under The MIT License.

How To Help:

Respond to this thread below with your ideas.
If you have a bug fix, would like to contribute, or expand on this project, please say so.
We will contact you and grant you commit privileges on the repository.

How To Donate:

Our organization is a IRS 501(c)(3) recognized tax exempt nonprofit.
We will provide written (emailed) donor acknowledgment letters to those who donate $250 or more to our organization as required by the IRS. Our apologies to donors outside of the United States. We will not be able to provide you with any tax benefits for donating to our organization.

Donation acknowledgment letters will include

The corporate name and EIN of our organization
The name of the donor as it appears on PayPal
The date and ammount of the contribution
A statement that our organization is a valid 501(c)(3) organization
An affirmation that no goods or services were provided to the donor
And information about how your donation was used

Thank you,
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